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Think Global’s mini series episodes will help you maximise your digital reach in international markets, and gain a competitive advantage. Get the latest analysis and insights from global market research, economic thought leaders, and behavioural science experts. Check out our teaser for more information.



With Think Global Mini Series, you can get the edge by levering digital to grow market share internationally. 4 episodes designed to help you craft strategies and plans for your international expansion.

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Next episodes:
Episode 4:
21ST APRIL 11:00-11:30

Executive panel: Internationalisation in Practice
Featuring experts from top global brands such as Zwift and, our roundtable panel discuss how they applied the learnings from Think Global to successfully grow in new markets.


Matteo Rossetti
Associate Director


Fabio Angeli Bufalini
Chief Marketing Officer


Bonus Episode
28TH APRIL 11:00-11:45
Bonus Episode: Navigating Export Under Brexit


If you are a UK company based, join this live session with Glopal to understand key changes posed by Brexit, and find the right export opportunities for your business using strategic insights and best practices


Stay tuned for more sessions and in case you missed one of them, you can watch the previous episodes here:


Episode 1:

Unlock Global Opportunities
Zanny Minton Beddoes reveals where growth is likely to happen, when the best time is to leverage these opportunities, and who those growing audiences might be.


Zanny Minton Beddoes
Chief Editor
The Economist


Episode 2:

Influence Cross-border Purchase Decisions
Last year proved that more customers are willing to buy online from new brands, no matter where from.
Kyle Galvin and Alistair Rennie will present their latest actionable scientific research, to illustrate how to build a value proposition to win customer preference over established brands.


Kyle Galvin
Euromonitor International


Alistair Rennie
Research Lead – Search


Episode 3:


Grow your International Market share
Entering a new market is just the start of your journey. Growing market share is your destination.
Les Binet and Edoardo Bortolato share the short- and long-term marketing strategies and tools to help you reach more customers across international markets.


Les Binet
Group Head of Effectiveness
Adam & Eve DDB


Edoardo Bortolato
Head of EMEA International Growth


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