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We’ll help you enter new CEE countries or grow your ecommerce business further in them. We have 8 years of online export experience in 7 countries.

  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • No extra transportation costs to this “bridging country” if you already ship your goods to other markets in the CEE region.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • Ecommerce growth (2022/2021):
  • Black Friday is extremely important as it is one of the most profitable days of the year for e-merchants.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • Very developed e-commerce culture with over 43,000 online stores.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • Dynamic online market development with a favourable tax policy.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • The highest GDP per capita in the CEE region with demand for higher ticket niche products.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • A ton of opportunities in this steadily growing, far from mature online market.
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  • Number of online shoppers:
  • E-commerce growth (2022/2021):
  • Great for establishing your e-commerce market position before your competitors enter.
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Growww Digital is present in 7 CEE countries providing, results-driven online export marketing services so that you’ll be able to make the most out of your international business activities and localisation strategy. We have all the knowledge and experience in performance marketing, social media brand communication, and content marketing you’ll need to conquer the CEE market.

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Google ads cost for e‑commerce Google ads account segmented by countries: Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania

Number of online shoppers

Shoppers compared to population

Number of online stores

E-commerce revenue (2023)

Biggest e-commerce player
HU7 211 00071%13000€3.52bnemag.hu
SK4 404 00076%12000€2.31bnalza.sk
CZ8 207 00078%43000€12.18bnalza.cz
RO9 413 00047%15000€9.395bnemag.ro
SI1 350 00064%3000€0.91bnmimovrste.com
HR2 329 00058%3000€1.27bnekupi.hr
RS4 024 00056%5000€0.81bngigatron.rs
PL25 945 00063%58000€39.38bnlpp.com

What we offer

No matter if you want to run highly optimized PPC ads or build your brand through social media and informative content, we’ll come up with the ideal, country specific strategy that can best serve your needs and goals. We cover all sorts of digital marketing services with a very strong results first focus.
Export Growth Consulting Workshop

Many times we recommend this service as a preliminary step. Before you start spending a lot of money on different digital marketing activities, we’ll have a look at your objectives and chances for success together.

This means that after a thorough analysis of your business, in a 3-5 hour workshop session we discuss with you what kind of goals can be achieved realistically on the basis of a certain digital marketing budget.
We will help you with market sizing, digital marketing cost estimation and/or plan validation. We will also provide you with a go-to market strategy for the different marketing channels.

PPC Advertising

The lowest hanging fruit of them all. We will support you with planning and execution of your PPC campaigns including Google Ads, Google Shopping and Facebook Ads campaigns. If you want to take your localised campaigns to the next level, our senior specialists, native in 6 CEE languages, are here to help.
ROIshopper.com is Growww Digital’s own Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) and the first agency providing CSS in the CEE region. We ensure that you will get a 20% discount on your CPC prices across the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

Price Comparison Shopping Optimization

We use special software applications and our broad expertise to fully capitalize on comparison shopping that may take up 10-40% of all your sales revenue as an e-commerce store merchant. We are an official partner agency of Beed, Dataweps’ top-notch marketing automation solution.

Search Engine Optimization

Professional on-page and off-page SEO services for your website in terms of content-based as well as technical aspects to achieve a steady flow of income from organic searches in the long run.

With our in-house native colleagues, we help you to translate and localise your site’s meta data, while our proven local linkbuilding partners help to maximize the link juice to your sites. All of this to ensure long-term organic traffic and conversions.

Social Media & Brand Communications

Authentic and value-driven brand communications for building trust and loyalty by exploiting the power of social media platforms focusing on specific goals such as sales, lead generation, or follower growth.

Content Creation and Management

Unique content that provides value paves the way to your customers and thus you can attract a great number of users to your website. We offer strategic planning, creating and managing search engine friendly content, distribution, and media coverage.

László Szabó – Google Certified Trainer for Export

László Szabó, our co-founder is a Google Certified Trainer for Export in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Spending the last 15 years on the axis of Prague-Bratislava-Budapest, László’s personal mission is supporting export endeavours within the CEE region.

google certified trainer

Laszlo Szabo
“Having dealt with several export projects, according to our experience, it takes 1-3 years after market entry to break-even. Always remember that you are playing the long game. Perceive your home country as your profit centre, financing your growth centres: the foreign operations.”

László Szabó (source: thinkwithgoogle.com)

Growww Digital is a Premium Google Partner and its team has 62 professional certifications all together. In Hungary, we are part of the Google Partners International Growth Program, which ensures that your export project will get the VIP support from all sides.

Growww Digital is a founding member of CEE Digital Alliance, a network of leading digital marketing agencies from the CEE region.

years experience
export projects

Why us?

Proven track record

We have successfully managed more than 120 export projects during the last 7 years. You can hardly name any ecommerce business sector that we haven’t dealt with already. From grocery to cosmetics or fashion to finance, we have helped a wide range of companies coming from different industries.

Full localisation

Our colleagues are native speakers of 6 CEE languages and are located in 5 countries. Our local market knowledge ensures that your campaigns will be fully adapted to the local markets. For example, did you know that Black Friday comes a week earlier in Romania or that the Christmas season is a lot different in Serbia due to the dominant Orthodox religion? Well, you don’t need to, we’ll take care all of it for you.

Results-driven approach

If a campaign is not profitable either in the short or the long run, it’s a failure. Whether it is a tactical special deal offer or a comprehensive social media brand development project, we always look at the numbers and adjust our efforts accordingly to make sure we’re on the right path to hit the target. Your goals are our goals, after all.

Innovative senior team

We take responsibility and reaching outstanding results very seriously. That’s why all of our colleagues have 5+ years relevant experience, regarding each project as a personal challenge to make the most out of their competence and creativity.

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You can share your experiences and exchange ideas in our CEE e-commerce export – mastermind group and also learn about new developments happening in this sector.

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