Ecommerce – the true potential and challenges of international expansion. Afternoon panel discussion with Hungarian ecommerce experts – 26th May (14:00-17:00 CET)

We would like to kindly invite you or your Hungarian speaking colleagues to our free, virtual conference event happening next Wednesday, 26th May starting from 14:00 CET with the topic: 


Ecommerce – the true potential and challenges of international expansion. Panel discussion with Hungarian ecommerce experts.


Business expansion to the international markets is having a promising and huge potential in the field of online marketing. If you already achieved your domestic business goals, then the right time has come and one of your next milestones for further business growth would be to expand on foreign markets. 

We look forward to meeting with you at our free online afternoon conference where six experts from the different areas of the e-commerce world – e.g. logistics, business development, marketing, legal – will share their insights about the opportunities, challenges and know-how of entering foreign market. 

Among the topics you will hear a really inspiring and successful case study from one of our experienced and well-recognised Hungarian e-commerce player and useful hints and tips about the ideal country selection and business tactics will also be shared with the participants 




  • Szabó László, Growww Digital: Üzleti potenciál a nemzetközi piacra lépésben (Business potentials when entering international markets)
  • Csillag Gábor,Agency Development Manager, Google: A Google megközelítése a nemzetközi piacra lépés megtervezéséhez és megvalósításához (Google approach for the planning and execution of entering international markets)
  • Pajda Marianna, ügyvezető igazgató, Csomagküldő.hu: Logisztikai kihívások a környező országokban (Logistics challenges in the neighbouring countries)
  • Ocskay László, CEO, Oander: Fejlesztési kihívások nemzetközi projektekben (Challenges in development area within the international projects)
  • Dr. Ormós Zoltán, OrmosNet: Jogos kérdések, mielőtt piacot nyitsz (Legal questions before opening a market)
  • Dražen Ljubič, Head of Strategic Planning, Playersroom: Hogyan hódítsd meg a szomszédos országokat? (esettanulmány, angol nyelven) – How to conquer neighbouring countries? (case study – EN)


Please note that the language of the conference is Hungarian, except the last presentation so we are encouraging you to cascade the invitation among your Hungarian speaking colleagues for participating the conference


Attendance at the event is free of charge, but registration in advance is required. 


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See you at our conference on 26th May.